The Top 10 Roleplaying Games on the Playstation

Here is a quick guide to the best role-playing games for the Playstation 3.

10. Valkyria Chronicles – An innovative strategy style RPG.

9. Folklore – Under rated when released but worth playing.

8. Marvel: Ultimate Alliance – Tired of elves, dragons, swords and magic? Try this spandex-clad, multiplayer, action adventure.

7. Resonance of Fate – A stylish and challenging story that is engaging at every turn.

6. Final Fantasy XIII – Beautiful graphics, interesting characters, and fun combat; it’s what role-playing games are all about.

5. Demon’s Souls – Difficult but rewarding if you don’t give up. It’s replay value is unmatched. A multiplayer option makes it even better.

4. Fallout 3 – Part role-playing game, part first-person shooter; set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.

3. Mass Effect 2 – Sporting a tactical-shooter interface, the Mass Effect series impresses with the best voiced characters in any game and the most epic science fiction story.

2. Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivian – Fantasy world in peril? Check. Customizable character? Check. Complete freedom to play how you want? Big check.

1. Dragon Age: Origins – The Dragon Age series looks like standard fantasy fare, but it is done so well with such compelling stories and characters it takes the top spot.