The Best Sports Games Available on the PS3

When it comes to sports games, Playstation3 definitely has all of the other leading consoles beat! I have always been a fan of Playstation, but another system caught my eye for awhile. I recently had my faith restored in my favorite gaming system ever.

I was over at my new girlfriend’s apartment last night and I discovered a little something about her that makes me love her that much more. I discovered she was a hardcore gamer, much like myself. I was so jealous when I walked into her game room, only to find the most awesome chill room/game room my eyes ever did see! While I was there we played the new Gran Turismo game, and a demo for the PGA Golf: Masters game coming out soon as well.

When I compared the graphics and game play to the sports games on my other console, my jaw dropped! I decided that I was going to the store to trade in my other system so I could get back in on everthing the Playstation 3 has to offer. Sports games are my favorite genre of video game. I need my gaming experience to be top-notch in order to have a good time and PS3 has got what it takes!