The process of gradual software implementation

Since the software implementation procedure can cause disruptions in the company’s work, the process is divided into several stages, each of which has its own nuances and is carried out after strict agreement between the outsourcing company and the customer.

Stage 1: Survey of the company

Before creating a project, the company’s current work is studied by professionals. Upon completion of the preliminary survey and audit, the customer receives recommendations related to the development of terms of reference for the work. It pays attention to every smallest detail and describes the requirements in detail:

  1. preparation and requirements to technical means;
  2. the format of data storage and transfer and backup archives;
  3. composition and execution of preparatory works for the object;
  4. configuration of the information transfer system;
  5. work of general and application software.

Stage 2: Drawing up a contract for works execution

The work contract is drawn up on the joint conclusion of the customer and the company after the TOR analysis. This period is an evaluation one. Since the work plan is assigned and deadlines are set, the executing company can evaluate the whole procedure in the complex and determine the price. The price of the software integration work may depend on the following factors:

  • composition and number of workstations, subsystems and modules;
  • additional work on integration with other subsystems and systems, as well as the complexity of its implementation;
  • the volume of information stored in the database and its status.

Stage 3: Create a software implementation group

The third period is also part of the preparatory work. A software implementation group is formed by the implementing company and responsible persons are appointed.

Stage 4: Software installation and setup

During this period, the software is installed on servers and client machines, communication is connected, as well as checking and adjusting the working state of the system and its testing under load. The standard list of works on the fourth stage is included:

  1. installation and preparation of system-wide server software;
  2. installation and adjustment of server platform components and functions;
  3. database table creation, information downloading and integration;
  4. database transfer (if necessary), conversion to the required format, setup and creation of working copies of the software, program preparation;
  5. installation and preparation of client machines;
  6. integration and adaptation with already existing systems and platforms;
  7. testing of the whole system.

Completion of implementation and additional work

Completion of software implementation includes the following works:

  • training of a group of specialists from the customer’s side to work with new software – can be done remotely or on the customer’s territory;
  • making changes according to the customer’s experience of new software operation;
  • at the end of making the agreed changes and elimination of remarks the act of work delivery and project acceptance according to the task is signed, after that the system is transferred to the customer and the operation on implementation is considered completed.

After software integration, problems may arise on the part of the customer. This may be a human factor or lack of optimization and integration with systems not specified in the task, which are indirectly related to the implemented software. In this regard, companies provide technical support both for their own systems and those integrated by third parties.