Our favorite PS3 Greatest Hits

The Playstation 3 “Greatest Hits” program (or “red label” titles) includes titles that have been on the market for 10 months and sold 500,000 copies. These editions sell at the excellent price of 29.99. At that price, it’s hard to go wrong, but with almost 100 titles currently available on the label, ThePlaystation decided to list our favorite Greatest Hitsso consider this the Greatest Hits Greatest Hits collection, if you will.Prince of Persia (2008): After getting progressively darker during its time on the Playstation 2, Xbox, and Gamecube, the series lightened up a little for its first edition on next-gen consoles. The gameplay is both old-fashioned and new, the magical companion of Elika is bewitching, and the storyline concerning the battle between two powerful gods is appropriately epic.

all of Duty: World at War (2008): Like most Call of Duty games, you’ll need to have your PS3 connected online via Ethernet or wireless internet service to get the full experience with this game. Set during WWII, the game includes co-op for up to four players online for the first time in the series. Of course, you can always just do competitive deathmatch or capture-the-flag as well.Brutal Legend (2009): Sometimes a game comes out that just overwhelms you with its vision.

Such is Brutal Legend, which stars Jack Black (in both voice and appearance) as a heavy metal roadie transported to a world straight off a Metallica cover. There are plenty of references to classic albums and songs, as well as cameos from metal masters.Fallout 3 (2008): The first major installment in the Fallout franchise since 1998′s Fallout 2, F3 blew reviewers’ expectations out of the water. Combining action-strategy, roleplaying, first-person shooter, and survival horror, the game is an innovative blend of styles that offers plenty of replay value.

At 29.99, that’s definitely a steal.Ghostbusters: The Video Game (2009): For those waiting eagerly for Ghostbuster 3, this is the next-best thing. Each of the main characters appears, and the plot is full of the classic humor and adventure that made the films so popular. The players takes the role of a new recruit with their very own Proton Pack, and gets the opportunity to defeat classic villains like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (2007): Here’s another game that feels like a movieso it’s no surprise that there’s one in development, with actor Mark Wahlberg attached to play main character Nathan Drake, who claims to be a descendant of Sir Francis Drake. As Nathan, the player will head deep into the Amazon to find the treasure of El Dorado. The sequel, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, is also on the label.