Mortal Kombat could be getting the kick it needs

A couple of weeks ago, a mysterious 8-minute long video started making the rounds on the web, featuring Michael Jai White as hard-bitten detective Jax, Jeri Ryan as the sultry Sonya Blade, and Ian Anthony Dale as the eerie Scorpion. If those characters don’t sound familiar, then you’re not a fan of the long-running Mortal Kombat fighting series, and considering its lackluster presentation in recent years, it’s hard to blame you. However, the short showcased a darkness and energy never before seen in the series, tempered by a real-world sensibility.

While fans wondered what this short entailed, NetherRealm Studios announced the latest in the game series. It was later confirmed that the video was an unofficial teaser for the rumored third film. This synergistic shot could be just what the series needs to win over a new generation of fans.

The new game is titled simply Mortal Kombat, taking a back-to-basics approach. In that vein, the storyline revisits the events of the first three games, picking up with thunder god Raiden right before his execution by the evil Shao Kahn. Raiden sends a message back in time, and in doing so, he (and the player) revisit the events of MK I-III, encompassing black magic, humanoid reptiles, and cybernetic ninjas.In terms of gameplay, the player will have the option to choose from around 26 characters, with room for more as downloadable content.

The action will be 2D, but fast enough to keep up with the best of Mortal Kombat‘s fresher competitors. Of course, secret moves and combos will abound, including a new Super Meter and a special “X-Ray Mode” attack.Remakes have been bringing in money in Hollywood for years, and Mortal Kombat definitely still has enough fans to make this enterprise profitable on its own. But from the looks of things, Mortal Kombatshould be able to hold its own, and attract even more fans.